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#fusion rock   #psychedelic freaks   #eigenes ding!


orangepeeler - Vitamins for your ears! Extracting a musical trip of unusual song structures with surprising rhythm changes and melody lines in epic character, the three musicians do their very own thing. The roots of their music derives from the musical diversity of the 80s and 90s with influences from acid jazz, grunge, metal, drum 'n' bass and wave. What comes out after long sessions and intensive work is extremely groovy and catchy.

Mr. Roomman - Drums - Ciao Marco - Bass - Little Toe - Vocals & Guitar

orangepeeler is the striving forward, to themself. The goal is authenticity or better the achievement of truthfulness. It is about recognizing what is one's own. orangepeeler is like a kind of research activity without a fixed goal - an unintentional search. It is about the collective seed of the three actors. It is never harvested what you would expect, but it is always a small journey to something that is unique and original. It's also about boundaries. About recognizing how to keep growing at them. As "border crossers" they move with each new piece at the limit of their own ability and experience to push it further and further back.